Reiki Healing 

                            one hour $85/half hour $45/fifteen minutes $30

                                                       Psychic Readings 

                                                                Tarot $50/Fairy cards $30/Tea cup $50/Runes $30/Psychometry $30

                                                                                  Full inclusive Life Metamorphosis Reading $120  

                                                                                        Demi-reading with choice of 2 options (Tarot/Teacup/Runes/Fairy) $60



                                                                           Tarot, Tea-leaves and Fairy Card Trio Reading - $80

                                                           Tarot, Tea-leaves, Fairy Card & Angel Card Relationship Reading - $90


                  SPECIAL intro OFFER -   Reiki Treatment Introductory Offer - try a $20 Session and give yourself a Vibrational upgrade!

                                                                                            Call 705-279-9030 to book your appointment!

                                                         Telephone and Online/Skype readings and healings are now available!

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Listen below to Madame Butterfly's predictions for 2016 as heard on Rock 95 with The Morning Crew on December 31, 2015! (click on all 3 links for entire interview)

Listen to 'The Madame Butterfly Show' on BlogTalkRadio LIVE weekly Mondays at 4 pm for 'Teatime'!

Listen to 'The Madame Butterfly Show' on BlogTalkRadio LIVE weekly Mondays at 4 pm for 'Teatime'!

'Tea-time' is a long-lost English social tradition that is revived with Madam Butterfly to bring you a radio show like no other!

Put the kettle on, brew yourself a cuppa, and get comfy as we sit down for a wee chat about the traditions around tea, the origins of tea-leaf reading, and a lesson on how to read the tea-leaves! 

 Madame Butterfly is a professional tea-leaf reader who works with the Druidcraft Tarot, Fairy Cards and Runes.

Call in to chat with Madame Butterfly and for a free mini reading!

It's social time - please join us!  come for tea-time with Madame Butterfly and friends!

Madam Butterfly is a Psychic, Reiki Master, and Intuitive Counsellor.

Theme Song: 'The Tea Party' by Dexter Britain

Reading the Tea-leaves with Ma
Madame Butterfly - Teatime (

                                             Rogers Daytime

In January of 2017 Madame Butterfly was delighted to be invited on to Rogers Daytime to talk about Reiki!  What a great interviewer and host!  Melissa made it easy

Madame Butterfly reading the tealeaves on Rogers Daytime for host Will Nash. 

 Will Cupid shoot an arrow into Will's heart? That remains to be seen! 

"What a fabulous morning...Thank you, Melanie Case and Will Nash for promoting our upcoming Barrie Psychic & Holistic Fair! Thank you also to 4 fabulous and talented ladies... Allison Jean Boswell, Laura Cole-RussellMichelle Devlin and Sandy of Happy At Heart!

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