Psychic Development Classes now offered weekly!

Thursday night is Psychic Development Class and it's an exciting experience where you will meet like-minded friends and go at your own pace! From tea-leaf and tarot reading, to oracles, runes, pendulum work, crystal work and much, much more including meditation, mindfulness, prayer, working with spirit guides and angels, and psychic exercises!
Thursdays 7- 9 pm
$20 per class

Tea-Cups & Tarot Psychic Tearoom and Studio at The Market, 41 Dunlop St. W. Barrie

                             Reiki Healing

Reiki healing sessions are recommended to relieve all manner of stresses, aches and physical pains, as well as to remove blocks in the subtle system, also known as the Kundalini.  Michelle incorporates elements from yoga, meditation, and Reiki to immerse you in a healing energy that will transform you into another vibrational dimension.  

You will be amazed by how you feel after even one session. 

Suddenly, things start to 'flow' better for you, in ways that at first appear to be small, but that soon become more important and significant.  

This is healing from the inside, out.  

Reiki Healing - Regular Price:  $120/hour - $60/half hour -  $30/fifteen minutes

Payment plans are available - nobody will be refused due to financial challenges!
Energy exchanges accepted!

Madame Butterfly believes strongly in the power of meditation mixed with a healthy dose of play!

                                          Reiki Level Two Class

   Our Level Two Reiki students are hard at work learning how to send long distance healing and how to give emotional healing, as they take it to the next level! 

 The group has amazing vibrations, as each and every one of these healers are gifted and dedicated to learning the art of Reiki healing.

  Our group meditations are so intense you can feel the energy swirling around you as we send healing out to the people on our list of intentions, as well as to the word around us!

 Never underestimate the power of group healing, especially when you combine the incredible healing energy of Reiki with passion and commitment!  

Coming Next:  Psychic Development Level 2 in September.

 Reiki Master Class in January


Monday Evenings from 7 - 9 pm.

Cost $125.00

                                   'Psychic Development Class'

Psychic Development Class is well underway for Session One, running through July!

The group had a lovely first class learning how to read the tea-leaves, and class number two was all about reading the tarot!  Everybody brought their own tarot cards in to show and share, we learned the Celtic Cross Tarot Spread, and the meanings of the number cards in the Minor Arcana and all about the four Suits, pentacles, cups, wands and swords.  

We all paired off and took turns and practised on each other and had a great time learning to read the amazing Tarot together! 


Reiki Level One Graduation is this coming Thursday June 30th for all of our Initiates into this beautiful healing modality!  The classes have beesimply delightful, incorporating meditation, healing and lots of amazing vibrations as students receive weekly Reiki Attunements to help them to work with the Universal Chi energy. 

Congratulations to Isabelle, Rob, Jennifer, Lynne and Carolyn! 

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